Your Weekly Update – March 16

Weekly Update
This week, your weekly update features Famicon 2018, the signature conference of the Family Federation for a Heavenly USA. This year's Famicon was specially focus on True Parents' life course, which was... Read more

One Heart at Famicon

Las Vegas
On day five of Famicon, the participants fortified their unity under True Parents, especially after having completed learning about True Parents’ life course the previous... Read more

Excitement at Famicon

Developing Story
After concluding the three-day lectures on True Parents’ life course, participants at Famicon are excited to discuss with their subregions how to bring this inspiration back to their local... Read more

Mrs. Gil Ja Sa Eu Visits Las Vegas

On March 7, nearly 40 Unificationists gathered at the Cheon Hwa Gung church in Las Vegas to greet and attend a presentation offered by Mrs. Gil Sa Ja Eu, who was a part of the original three couples that True... Read more